Anime for Everyone

Anime for Everyone

Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Adult (Ages 8-18+)

Instructor: Shannon Johnson

This class is for everyone of any age, who is interested in watching and discussing anime; whether you have been a fan of anime for years, or you’ve never watched anime before.

This class will provide students with opportunities to watch a variety of anime and discuss the art, music, voice acting, story lines, and other elements of anime. Relevant aspects of Japanese history and culture will also be discussed. This class may also plan outings to attend local events related to Japanese culture, animation, or history, as they are available. These extra activities are optional and may have an additional cost.

Material shown and discussed in this class is intended to be appropriate and enjoyable for all ages. This class will have different content than the AniMaJIC class, teens may enjoy attending both this class and AniMaJIC.