Violin/Viola (Private Instruction)

Violin/Viola (Private Instruction)

Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Adult (Ages 5-18+)

Instructor: Linda Dyer

The initial journey for young violin and violists can be challenging. Learning to play beautiful music on your instrument is a gift you give yourself that will live with you forever!

Begin or enhance your journey into playing the violin or viola with private instruction, which will ensure:

• Fine-tuning your skills and leaving each lesson with the right kind of feedback

• Allowing your bow to do the crucial work for just the right musical touch

• Delicate intonation and ear-training skills

• Reading your music properly and efficiently

• Learn to tune and change a string with ease and confidence

• Receive weekly feedback & encouragement

During your violin/viola lessons, you will learn to:

• Develop beautiful tone production – this takes time! You’ll love playing alongside your teacher while you’re confidence

• Read music and understand how rhythms, melodies, and chords are organized

• Understand ear-training exercises, assisting the student with pitch-matching, pattern recognition, etc.

• Be creative and develop a unique sound

• Learn styles from many periods and traditions

• Correct physical approach and posture for pain-free practice

• Study with a teacher who is a text away in between lessons to provide positive feedback and encouragement