Instructor Barbara Cooper Pabis

Cooper-Pabis, Barbara

Barbara Cooper Pabis

Barbara Cooper-Pabis (Cooper) has a B.S. in biology with a minor in geology from Texas State University. At Southwest Texas State, she was a teaching assistant and taught geology labs. She also has 30 credit hours of graduate coursework in computer science at Norfolk State University. She was a research team mentor at NSU for the NASA-funded internship at the Bringing Education and Science Together (BESTLab’s) internship program REESS (Research Experience in Earth Systems Science). She also worked as the lab tech and research assistant at Norfolk State University’s BESTLab Center of Excellence. 

Cooper has always enjoyed science and math, but since childhood has also been exploring the arts through dance, crafts, sewing, painting, music, photography and jewelry making/designing. She moved to Hampton Roads from Texas with her husband in 2000, and started on the home educating path with her two children in 2013.